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Is contracting the key to improving your work-life balance in 2018?

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If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your work-life balance, trying your hand at contracting could be the answer.

Jobs website CV-Library says the number of UK contractors and freelancers will increase this year amid growing disillusionment over the long hours and internal politics associated with permanent employment.

In fact, the growing popularity of contracting is one of several key workplace trends identified by CV-Library as having the potential to shape 2018.

The company says: 

Despite there still being an unconscious bias that a strong employment history in one company demonstrates loyalty, we predict that 2018 will likely see more workers opting for freelance and contract positions, in a bid to restore balance in their lives.

Understanding the rise and rise of contracting

CV-Library’s research suggests that the rise of contracting is a symptom of a fundamental transformation in attitudes to the world of work.

In a nutshell, a growing number of Britons want more freedom and flexibility, plus more leisure time.

Many do not feel that this can be achieved if they stay in permanent employment – hence the attraction of becoming a contractor or freelancer.

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living

Two statistics from CV-Library go some way to explain the growing frustration with the 9 to 5 felt not just by millennials, but workers of all ages.

  • Currently, only 27% of UK professionals have the opportunity to work from home when they want to.
  • The average UK worker puts in over 13 extra working days a year, with nearly two thirds (64%) admitting that they often work more than their contracted hours.

The slow death of the ‘job for life’

Meanwhile, three quarters (74%) of the nation’s workers believe that job hopping has become more acceptable over the years.

CV-Library found that nearly half (47%) of workers believe it’s acceptable to leave a job after less than a year, with this number increasing to 65% amongst 18-24 year olds.

This change in attitudes also goes some way to explain why quitting your job to become a contractor is seen as less daunting and risky than it was, say, 20 years ago.

Get your contracting career off to the best start

If you’re one of the many professionals who will become a contractor in 2018, ADVANCE is here to support you.

We offer impartial advice on the best setup option for you, whether that’s setting up a limited company, becoming an umbrella employee or becoming self-employed.

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