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Supervision, direction or control

If you’re a contractor or recruiter, you may be aware that the concept of supervision, direction or control (SDC) is becoming increasingly important in our sector.

Our experience in understanding, assessing and managing SDC dates back to 2014, when it became the key test in determining whether a temporary worker can be self-employed or claim business mileage as an employee.

SDC: what’s ADVANCE’s approach?

We take an holistic approach in order to build up a thorough, detailed picture of the nature of the contractor’s work whilst on assignment.

Our expertise in SDC means we are confident in our ability to apply the rules correctly.

We are happy to absorb the risk and bear liability as dictated by the legislation.

Meanwhile contractors and agencies can relax safe in the knowledge that they are working with experts.

If you’re an agency, your reputation will be safe from the risks associated with choosing unethical, inexperienced or misinformed providers.


Our approach to supervision, direction or control is:

HMRC compliant

We follow HMRC rules and guidance to the letter.

Robust and rigorous

We build up a detailed picture of the nature of the contractor’s work whilst on assignment.


We’ve had the seal of approval from our industry’s most respected trade body.

Tried and tested

We’ve been doing this since 2014, so we know our stuff.

Constantly evolving

We are permanently reviewing and refining our processes, identifying areas for improvement.

Monitored externally

To help us keep up to date with best practice, we are reviewed twice a year by our tax advisors, EY.

The subject of ongoing staff training

Our team members are highly skilled in the nuances and finer points of SDC.

Simple and contractor-focused

We won’t blind the contractor with jargon or ask questions they don’t understand.

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