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Umbrella company for contractors

If you’re looking for an umbrella company that’s helpful, reliable and ethical, then look no further. Here’s a taste of what we offer.

Travel and subsistence expenses

If you aren’t ‘supervised, directed or controlled’ on your assignment you’ll be eligible for travel and subsistence expenses comprising variable mileage and fixed expenses. See below.

Quick and easy setup

Our lightning-fast registration process will get you assignment-ready in minutes. A member of our dedicated team will take some details over the phone and you’ll be able to accept your contract via email.

Dedicated support

Whether you’re new to the world of contracting or an experienced contractor, our specialist team is here to help and answer any queries you may have. We’ll talk you through the process of joining an umbrella company and provide ongoing support.

Simple tax affairs

We’ll employ you and pay you on a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) basis, deducting income tax and National Insurance contributions at source. This means that, unlike self-employed or limited company contractors, you shouldn’t need to file a self-assessment tax return.

Continuous employment

Your tax code will be more stable than if you were getting paid by a different recruitment agency for each new assignment, reducing the risk of being placed on emergency tax by HMRC. Having one employer will also make mortgage and credit agreements easier to secure.

Employment rights and benefits

We’ll provide you with all of the rights and benefits that you’d expect if you were in traditional permanent employment, including a workplace pension, holiday pay, sick pay and maternity / paternity pay.

Regular updates

You’ll be sent a text message letting you know when you’ve been paid. We’ll also email your payslips to you.


Submit expense claims (if eligible) and view payslips on our smartphone, tablet and desktop-friendly portal.

Claiming expenses through an umbrella company

Government legislation introduced in April 2016 means some umbrella companies no longer allow contractors to claim home-to-site travel and subsistence expenses.

Others are limiting the range of expenses that can be claimed. At ADVANCE, however, things are different.

If we are satisfied that you are free from ‘supervision, direction or control’ (HMRC’s phrase, not ours) on your assignment, and that no-one has the right to ‘supervise, direct or control’ you, where appropriate you will be able to claim the following on that assignment:

Variable mileage expenses

Reimbursable mileage expenses can vary according to what has actually been incurred during the course of your assignment.

Fixed travel expenses

Non-mileage travel expenses (public transport, air travel, taxis etc) must be agreed upfront and fixed for your assignment

Fixed subsistence expenses

We use HMRC benchmark ‘scale rates’ to determine the appropriate level of subsistence (food and drink) reimbursement.

Fixed accommodation expenses

Any accommodation expenses, such as hotels or B&Bs, must also be fixed at the start of your assignment.

Get in touch today to find out if you are eligible to claim expenses with ADVANCE.

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