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Article posted November 13, 2023, Tagged in Advance

This article provides you with an update on service, and some insights into what we are seeing in our sectors at the moment.

Service continues to be our number one priority. Here’s a breakdown of some of the elements that make up ADVANCE’s approach to world class service


At ADVANCE, our commitment to providing exceptional service remains one of our main priorities. In our latest service update, we are pleased to announce that in October, we answered an impressive 98.22% of calls within just 3 rings. Out of 3986 calls, 3915 were answered promptly, with the remaining 71 calls answered within 5 rings.

Industry Highlights

Construction Landscape

The construction sector is experiencing a mixed bag of trends. While there is a growing demand for skilled mechanical and electrical construction workers among key clients, new construction projects have seen a decline. This drop can be attributed to reduced demand for new homes, driven by higher loan rates and elevated material costs.

Rail Sector

Despite the cancellation of HS2 north, the rail sector remains active with various projects. Plans are underway to reallocate funds to other parts of the rail network, indicating a continued vibrancy in this sector.

Active Sectors

Sectors such as IT, oil & gas, renewable energy, automotive, and nuclear continue to be robust with ongoing projects. However, across all sectors, a common challenge persists – a shortage of talent. The primary focus now lies on contractor engagement and retention, with the aim of placing a contractor once an assignment concludes.

Response by Department of Business and Trade (DBT)

The Department of Business and Trade (DBT) has published its response to the consultation on reforms to retained EU employment law and the consultation on calculating holiday entitlement for part-year and irregular hours workers. Click here

Calculating Holiday Entitlement for Part-Year and Irregular Hour Workers

The government is not introducing a single annual leave entitlement. Instead, the two existing 'pots' of annual leave and rates of holiday pay will be maintained. Rolled-up holiday pay for irregular hours workers and part-year workers will be introduced to reduce administrative burdens for businesses. Additionally, an accrual method will be legislated, calculating entitlement at 12.07% of hours worked in a pay period for irregular hour workers and part-year workers from the first year of employment and beyond.

Support Initiatives

In this dynamic industry, ADVANCE remains agile and committed to delivering high-quality and compliant services. Our partnership with advisors EY & BDO keeps us informed about legislative changes. We collaborate closely with you and your teams, offering a range of solutions for contractors. Our dedicated Client Relationship Managers ensures continuous engagement, providing training, industry updates, and essential information.

The King's Speech - 7 November 2023

The recent King’s Speech outlined the Government’s legislative agenda for the upcoming Parliamentary session, likely the last before a general election. Emphasising long-term decisions for the country, the Government remains dedicated to delivering on its five priorities.

At ADVANCE, we are dedicated to navigating the evolving landscape of the industry, ensuring that our services align with your needs and expectations. Our proactive approach, industry insights, and commitment to excellence position us as your reliable partner in this ever-changing business environment.



The aim of this update is to provide you with up to date, useful information regarding our sector and specifics regarding ADVANCE. If you would like to discuss any of these topics in more detail please feel free to contact contact ADVANCE or your Client Relationship Manager on 01244 564 564.

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