Celebrating Anna Sills

Article posted March 5, 2024, Tagged in Advance

Today we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our Managing Director, Anna Sills!

Anna became Managing Director just over two years ago, in February 2022; however, she initially joined ADVANCE in 2014 as a Sales, Marketing, and Communications Director.

Throughout the last 10-years, Anna has been instrumental in the success of ADVANCE, and to this day, she continues to be pivotal in driving business growth, investments, and culture!

Anna's passion for world class service really is at the core of everything we do! Our commitment to answering calls within 3-rings, no automated phone lines, prompt overnight payments to contractors, and expertly trained staff have all been driven by Anna’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality of service & support.

Equally as prominent as Anna's passion for service, is her passion for sales. Over the years, Anna has been fundamental in recognising and increasing our opportunities as a business, developing long-lasting & trusted relationships with our agency partners, and pioneering future plans. Anna takes great pride in knowing that she has helped ADVANCE to become the reliable, market leading, ethical provider that it is today.

Arguably, what really sets Anna apart, is her natural ability to develop, mentor, and invest in people. Anna is passionate about supporting and giving her time to people, both inside and outside of ADVANCE. Over the years, Anna has helped to develop, grow, and release the potential of countless members of ADVANCE staff; many of whom, both past and present, look back with gratitude at how Anna has played an important role in their professional growth. Anna takes a genuine interest in all whom she engages with and is an advocate for treating everyone as an individual, both on a professional and personal level. Those who have had the pleasure of working with Anna can personally testify to this! Anna is dedicated to positively driving ADVANCE’s culture; something that she installs in all those around her through her heartfelt enthusiasm, investment, and genuine passion for others.

Outside of work, Anna is a keen walker, often partaking in long evening & weekend strolls with friends and family around the beautiful lake not far from her home. Anna is also partial to a game of golf - a sport that she not only loves but is also, secretly, very good at! So, if anyone fancies their chances in a game of golf against Anna, please let us know – however, we will warn you, she can be competitive!!

Regardless of whether you’ve engaged with Anna on a personal or professional basis, we are sure that you’ll join us in congratulating her on this incredible 10-year milestone!

All of us here at ADVANCE would also like to thank Anna for her commitment, contributions, and investment to the business and its people over the last 10-years.

Thank you, Anna, for all that you do – and here’s to many more years to come!

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