IR35 : Less than 3 weeks to go

Article posted March 18, 2021, Tagged in IR35

The countdown starts. Our experiences and our advice doesn’t really change from recent updates…the difference now however is that matters are moving at a faster pace!

End Clients have started to wake up

As expected, following the budget End Clients have suddenly started to panic!

They have started to wake up to reality of IR35. Previously they have put off making decisions and hoped it would go away. We have started to see large volumes of limited company contractors/PSCs moving into Umbrella or CIS based on End Clients making blanket decisions.

In addition, we continue to see End Clients making decisions with a lack of understanding of the law from both agencies and poor quality advisors. Time is running out with 3 weeks to go.

Limited company contractors/PSCs have been asked to switch ASAP

We have seen a real shift with large volumes of PSC workers details being passed over from agencies direct to ADVANCE to make contact looking at their best payment options depending on their status.

We are helping PSCs understand their options and their take home pay calculations. In addition, we are ensuring they are set up and ready, reminding them that no margin is retained until we receive a timesheet from the agency for payment.

Service continues to be at the core of everything we do, we continue to work late nights and weekends to help and support. All the staff are in the office, and ready to serve our agencies, clients & workers.

IR35 continues to be a fantastic opportunity

We recommend you see the changes with IR35 as long term as well as short term. Not only for the period from now leading up to April but as you continue to deal with the after effects of the legislation throughout the Spring and into the Summer of this year.

There will be many businesses who will need support when they look to get back to hiring workers in Limited Companies which is likely to happen in some sectors and staff shortage start to occur.

ADVANCE continue to be involved

ADVANCE are here to support you and your colleagues, please let us know.

We continue to offer help in the following ways:

  • Training including Webinars/Team & Zoom calls to contractors or consultants
  • Q&A sessions to all audiences including clients
  • Support with written & verbal communications with clients
  • Access to our IR35 tool to support you and your clients
  • Support with take home pay calculations for specific roles
  • Dedicated Client Relationship Managers to support you & your teams
  • Dedicated Contractor Relations Team to spend time answer questions with the PSCs including pension, tax etc.

Please let us if we can support in any way. Please contact your Client Relationship Manager in the first instance for support on 01244 564 564.


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