IR35 : this week’s update

Article posted March 29, 2021, Tagged in IR35

With just over 1 week to go the pace and alas, the confusion continues.

Here is the latest feedback/insight based upon our experience across numerous sectors with fellow Agencies and End Clients. We hope it informs and/or reassures you depending upon your views and experiences!

PSCs/limited company contractors are digging their heels and looking for any excuse to avoid switching to another solution. Both contractors & End Clients have been using Tuesday the 23rd March 2021 as another opportunity to delay decisions. There was zero chance it would bring any further postponements with regards to the liability changes regarding IR35.

Time is running out for End Clients

As ever, staying close and communicating with your End Clients is critical, we would suggest increasing your engagement levels. They will react at some point in the next couple of weeks (and yes, regrettably with some it will be months!).

Unfortunately, where End Clients put their head in the sand, there are going to be thousands of PSCs/limited contractors switching at the last minute which will result in a potentially trickier transition to another solution/Service Provider.

ADVANCE have continued momentum with webinars, contractor workshops, Q&A sessions, training sessions regarding our Umbrella & CIS solutions and IR35 training including accessing our IR35 status tool throughout this week. We are here to support you and your teams.

We are here to lend our support on whatever 'level' you may require.

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