Tax Day Update & Our Commitment to Service

Article posted April 23, 2024, Tagged in Advance

Tax Day Update

As part of the Spring Budget 2024 the Government announced there would be a tax administration and maintenance day Thursday, 18th April 2024.

We expected a response to the Consultation on Thursday that explored future regulation of the umbrella market. However, it fell short of the comprehensive proposals anticipated by the industry, serving more as an idea of HMRC's potential direction following last August's extensive submissions.

HMRC's tax technical changes summary included an interim statement, with a commitment to provide a complete response to the Consultation in the future. Additionally, new guidance, including an online pay checking tool for umbrella workers, is due for release later in 2024.

The government is looking to introduce a due diligence requirement to drive out bad actors from labour supply chains. To this end it will continue to engage with the recruitment industry and other key stakeholders on the detail of a statutory due diligence regime for businesses that use umbrella companies, and ensure it has the best understanding of the impacts that this could have on reducing non-compliance.

ADVANCE are here to support to the Government initiatives to tackle non-compliance in the umbrella marketplace. Although we are unlikely to receive any further information on this matter, if we do, we will keep you updated.

Service continues to be our priority.

We continue to monitor every single call by individual to ensure we focus on answering every call within 3 rings.

April is the start of the tax year and is always busier with calls than other months. In the last 6 weeks we answered 99.2% of our 6,566 calls within 3 rings.

ADVANCE do not have an automated service, when you call our office, you get straight through! We believe that agencies, contractors, and clients want to get straight through to the right person, and we strive to achieve this every day.

Thank you for your continuous business and support, please let us know any further information you would like to receive in our blog. 

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