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ADVANCE will continue to keep you updated on matters all IR35 related, even if it doesn’t directly apply to you and your workers, we hope you find it informative.
As 6 April 2021 fast approaches…activity is continuing to escalate.
From an ADVANCE perspective, in the past week alone we have set several hundred contractors who are switching from their PSC to Umbrella.
It would be fair to say that the activity of End Clients is very much of a ‘mixed’ bag’ – regardless of size or sector. Understandably, this makes work for Agency’s incredibly testing!
Without stating the obvious, an ‘early’ movement of workers can only be a good thing as last minute changes are fraught with numerous practical issues (more of this later!)
Where we have seen the ‘early’ movement of worker, this has been the result of end clients and agencies communicating, planning & preparing.
Not everyone has the benefit of being able to get the early buy in of an end client. We know clients are putting off communicating to their contractors.  In this scenario we are advising agencies to continue to contact clients and be there to support them as much as possible.  
Just a practical heads up…unfortunately, where End Clients put their head in the sand, there are going to be thousands of PSCs/limited contractors switching at the last minute which will result in a potentially trickier transition to another solution/Service Provider.
Inevitably, where there are mass transfers at the same time in late March/Early April it is going to be so difficult to provide the service levels we aspire too if everything is left to the last minute. 
We appreciate clients are focusing on their own liability & contractors, however, others are already taking steps to communicate, switch and support the contractors through this challenging time. ADVANCE also have the best options available to contractors which have the potential to put them in a better financial position.
By communicating with your clients regularly to reassure, support & be at the forefront of their minds, your business will benefit from future business…we happy to lend our support on whatever ‘level’ you may require. 
We are here to support you and your workers. ADVANCE have been involved & led a number of different forums over the last few weeks to either help with training or with questions, and these are detailed below:

  • Webinars/zoom calls with up to 75-100 contractors on the calls to help answer their questions.
  • Training sessions with consultants & managers
  • Support with communications to clients
  • Team/Zoom session with clients & agencies
  • Access to our IR35 tool to support you and clients
  • Support with any written or verbal communication to any audience you require.
  • All of the above we can look to tailor communications, meetings, sessions to your specific requirements, we know, one size does not fit all

 Please shout out if we can support you or your workers. We will continue to communicate to across as many channels as possible to help and support in any way we can.
We will continue to be placed in a great position to work in partnership with you and your teams to navigate through the challenges that lie ahead.
Providing world class service is our number priority.
We have taken on over 15 new staff, extended their opening hours to 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5:30am on a Friday and 8:30-12:30am on a Saturday to enable ADVANCE to allocate support to PSC’s looking for advice and take-home pay calculations to make informed decisions.  In addition, we have set up a ‘Contractor Relations’ team, to dedicate time to answer questions regarding switching. 
Please don’t hesitate to let us know where we can help. 


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