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Biggest benefits of being a freelancer revealed

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The biggest benefits of being a freelancer have been revealed in a wide-ranging survey.

Freelancers told that freedom and flexibility are the biggest perks of the freelancing lifestyle.

The most popular answers given to the price comparison website were as follows:

  • Flexible working hours (59.6%)
  • Being your own boss (42%)
  • Flexibility over which projects you work on (39.6%)

Why being a freelancer beats the perm life

Reflecting on their previous life as permanent employees, many freelancers suggested they had felt restricted by office politics, corporate structures, micro-management and the monotony of the daily grind.

The biggest pet hates of ‘perm’ life were given as:

  • Commuting (13.6%)
  • Found it too stressful (13.1%)
  • Not being your own boss (9.4%)

Making the switch from employee to freelancer was a positive step, according to the majority of those surveyed.

More than six in 10 (61%) freelancers questioned believe becoming self-employed was a good career move, with only one in 10 expressing regret.

The most annoying thing about being a freelancer

The freelance lifestyle isn’t without its challenges and frustrations, however.

Inconsistent cash flow (57.8%) topped the list of irritations, followed by the burden of being responsible for finding your own work (37.6%).

The lack of a company pension scheme was also a worry (29.8%), suggesting that while freelancers enjoy their day-to-day working life, they do have concerns over financial wellbeing in retirement.

The most popular freelance careers

According to the research, the most popular sectors for freelancing are as follows:

  • Business support – 22%
  • Design – 20%
  • Writing & translation – 17%
  • Sales & marketing – 13%
  • Video, photo & audio – 9%
  • Website development – 9%
  • Software development & mobile – 6%
  • Social media – 4%

The best UK cities for freelancers

Analysing everything from freelance ‘gig’ opportunities and hourly pay rates to the prevalence of coffee shops and wi-fi hotspots, MoneySupermarket also created a ranking of the best UK cities in which to freelance.

Interestingly, London only made fifth place on the list, with Manchester claiming the top spot followed by Brighton and Edinburgh in second and third respectively.

Here is the top 22 in full:

  1. Manchester
  2. Brighton
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Belfast
  5. London
  6. Leeds
  7. Glasgow
  8. Bristol
  9. Nottingham
  10. Newcastle upon Tyne
  11. Leicester
  12. Plymouth
  13. Bradford
  14. Cardiff
  15. Coventry
  16. Liverpool
  17. Sunderland
  18. Sheffield
  19. Birmingham
  20. Wakefield
  21. Hull
  22. Derby

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