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Preparing for IR35, less than 3 months away

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As we all get stuck into a New Year, facing a different set of challenges and opportunities to any other year, ADVANCE are here to support to you and your teams.

We appreciate you and your teams will be facing so many challenges, including placement of workers, and external pressures.  ADVANCE are here to support you and your teams.  We have been investing in our infrastructure to ensure we can continue to provide world class service at the core of everything we do from setting up of workers to processing payroll.  We want to reduce calls into you & your teams, acting as an extension to your service.

In addition, we are less than 3 months away from the IR35 private sector changes and we are working closely with agencies and clients to ensure workers moving from their PSC/Limited Company to another solution are providing with the different options.  We are already setting workers up and have everything in place in the background, relieving the pressure throughout the supply chain. With our FCSA compliance backed by EY audits of our internal processes, ADVANCE are also ensuring compliance is at the centre of our daily working practices.

As always, please contact your Client Relationship manager or the team at ADVANCE  on 01244 564 564 for any support, guidance and help you may need at whatever level.

What are ADVANCE doing to help?

To confirm what we hope you already know, ADVANCE are here to support you and can offer the following:

  • General advice, including IR35 and any other legislation changes, we are at the end of a phone and here to support you.
  • How ADVANCE solutions separate us from our competitors & why? In addition, if your clients make “blanket decisions” what are the options for the contractors?
  • Training workshops covering ADVANCE different solutions.
  • Support with any written or verbal communication internally or externally.
  • We can tailor communications, meetings, sessions to your specific requirements, we know, one size does not fit all.

In addition, we have completed a number of online sessions to help people understand IR35 and what is happening in the industry at the moment. 

Here is a link to session we did in November 2020 around IR35 which might help you and your teams too. Take a listen, and get in touch with any questions we can help with!


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