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We have been contacted over recent weeks by a number of agencies across various sectors regarding solutions to support the transition of PSC/limited contractors to Umbrella or CIS. 
There is so much noise out there with regards to compliant service providers and we would like to update you with regards to how seriously we take compliance and go the extra mile to ensure all our processes & solutions have the seal of approval from both FCSA & EY. This may assist you with your dealings internally and with your End Clients.
Our FCSA accredited umbrella solution enables contractors who are free from Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC) to be reimbursed for the full range of home-to-site travel & subsistence expenses including mileage, food & drink, transport and accommodation/rent. Other service providers do not offer the full range umbrella with expenses largely due to liability sitting with the owner/s of the service provider. Hence why so many providers advise this is not a viable option as they do not want to take the risk. 
We were the first FCSA service provider to undertake SDC reviews for its ‘products’ (Umbrella with Expenses and CIS). Our SDC processes were designed and set up with the help of EY. ADVANCE‘s Managing Director Shaun Critchley, as a practicing solicitor, created the SDC code within the FCSA code of conduct with John Chaplin at EY!
Our SDC reviews are conducted for each assignment for both Umbrella and CIS.  These are completed on the telephone with the worker. It is NOT a yes/no checklist. 
EY Review of our SDC Process
 Since their set up EY have carried out independent and unrestricted reviews of our processes to ensure our standards are maintained.
EY reviewed our processes in September last year and advised that we are the market leaders with regards to SDC.  This should give you peace of mind as part of your supply chain.
The Future
 With some many clients already making “blanket” decisions with regards to PSC/limited contractors, we are able to offer compliant options which can provide a better take home pay, which will increase loyalty to you and your clients.
Please contact us if you require any additional layers of compliance to support you and your teams. 
We are also offering team training sessions with regards to understanding our solutions and how they could benefit your contractors which are being impacted in April 2021 due to the changes with IR35.  In addition, we are offering contractors sessions if you feel this would benefit them to understand what is changing and the different options we can offer.  Please get in touch with your Client Relationship Manager on 01244 564 564 and then can arrange this for you.


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